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Don't forget sacks and oil!

We're asked every day whether or not it is essential to oil a shredder. The answer is very much yes.

The more you use the shredder, the more frequently you'll need to oil it too. There are numerous moving parts in the shredder cutter mechanism, and without lubrication they will eventually sieze up. Any damage caused by an unoiled shredder will not be covered under the warranty should the unit stop working too, so to save expensive repair bills we do recommend using oil regularly.

For those of us who have tried to empty a shredder basket into a bag will agree that using shredder sacks in the first place is a much safer bet. We sell sacks to fit all shredders.

Frequently asked questions

Shredder specifications confuse me
To help make more sense of the shredder specifications, below is an explaination of the main features:

Security level
Security levels generally range from 1-6, 6 being the greatest. If you're shredding top secret information we recommend a cross-cut shredder with a security level of 4 or above. If it's just general shredding, then you may find a strip cut level 2 will suffice.

Cutting type
There are ultimately two methods of shredding: strip cut or cross cut. You may have also heard the term "confetti cut" used - this is simply another form of cross cut shredding, albeit with especially tiny pieces as the end result. The names are fairly self-explanatory - the strip cut will only strip along the length of the document, whereas the cross cut will also cut horizontally.
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